Book Review: Cape Town to Cairo in a Beach Buggy

Here is something a little different to just a pic of the day, although there is still a pic for your viewing pleasure!

Fancy a trip to the beach in a beach buggy?  How about an overland trip from Cape Town to Cairo?

In December 2010, Adriaan Rossouw headed North from Cape Town to his ambitious goal of Cairo, and Berlin.

His self-published book, Cape Town to Cairo in a Beach Buggy, was digitally published on March 2011.  I was looking forward to reading his story after his brief posting on the internet back in 2010.

I fully recognise that we all have dreams and plans and sometimes those plans don’t fully work out.  This is just the case for the author and his beach buggy.  To title the book, Cape Town to Cairo, and then in the opening paragraph state the destination was not reached left a huge dent in my desire to read the book.

The book turned out to be no more than daily blog entries about his drive through Southern Africa.  There are no character references, no history about the land and no interesting stories retold in the book.  The author certainly had interesting times with the beach buggy but no elaboration other than the bare minimum.  Rather frustrating for the reader as this left me wanting to know more.


If you are an overlander or a beach buggy fan, you will be left wanting more than this book can offer.  Credit does go to the author for publishing his ebook and hopefully this will lead to many other overlanders doing the same.

Links to the book:
Amazon UK kindle

Beach Buggies Overland

One of the first internet reported overland trips in a beach buggy took place a few years ago.  Tom drove South from Sweden to South Africa in his red beach buggy and documented the trip in his DVD “Adventuress Wanted“.

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