Available in 1969, the Meyers Tow’d was originally produced for off-road use only. It was Bruce Meyers effort to diversify and expand his product line beyond the Meyers Manx buggy.

The original Tow’d had no hood or fenders. The buggy was smaller and lighter than the Meyers Manx and was built on a custom tube frame.

The name, Tow’d, is from an integral, retractable tow bar which is built into its tube frame.

The body was not fiberglass. It was a one-piece unit of thermoformed ABS plastic. Compared to fiberglass, the head-molded plastic was tougher, had higher impact strength, and is about 1/3 the weight.

The Tow’d was design to accept VW Beetle components; transaxle, front and rear suspension, and steering components. The venerable VW air-cooled engine was the most popular choice given compatibility with the VW transaxle. That said, some very fast Tow’ds were powered by turbo-charged Corvair engines back in the day.

The Tow’d was offered in three kits.

$499.95 Kit 44 – everything needed to build a complete car except the VW components. Parts included lights, steering wheel, wiring harness, upholstered seat cushions, skid plate, steering brake, assembly hardware, body, and tube frame.

$399.95 Kit 33 – deletes the steering wheel, lights, seat cushions, wiring harness.

$349.95 Kit 22 – includes the body and the un-welded but pre-bent and fitted tube frame.

Photo credit – thanks to Gary Boynton, photographer and former President of the Michigan Sport Buggy Association.

Meyers Tow’d – A single purpost off-road buggy

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