The Build Part 2

Pure Orange


Here we are again, back in the garage, February 2013! It’s warming up and the buggy will – hopefully – be painted soon. There’s just one thing left to prepare, and that’s the dash board.

The dash that came with the buggy (can be seen in some of the previous pictures) was the conventional GP style dash, which I don’t think is actually ‘tall’ enough to fit a typical VW Type 1 speedo – I had bought one of these way back when… But since then, as ever the dash has gone through a few changes and the plan is somewhat different now.

I did have plans to replicate how Mel did his ‘China Beach’ Sidewinder dash but decided on a clear, gauge free dash instead. I did also have plans of a ‘key-less ignition’ but now, it’s just about getting it on the road – the quickest, easiest, most straightforward way.

4 thoughts on “The Build Part 2

    • I’m pretty sure it’s a legal requirement here (to all motor vehicles registered from 1 October 1937) but just because I’m going for a clean dash – doesn’t mean my speedo won’t be hiding somewhere else… 😉

  1. You can squeeze a speedo into a GP dash with careful juggling and massaging of the wiper mechanism. Early speedos without fuel guage are much easier to fit.

    • Probably true, but I wanted one that did ‘everything’ and I wasn’t happy with the way the one with the fuel gauge fitted/looked. So I’ve since bought myself an Acewell speedo…

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