The Build Part 3

April 2013

Back home from the painters.

Body on, and drill holes into chassis – nearly ready to be bolted on.

Body off, wait for body gasket and paint the sides.

May 2013

Everything seemed to start to come together after getting the body gasket down and the body bolted onto the chassis.

June 2013

It was decided the front wheels were to wide, so off they came and new temporary wheels were put on, the old Pirelli tyres were sold and the slim Firestones were bought. The original Centreline front wheels will be narrowed in time.

Everything is pretty much wired up…

Although the horn proved to be troublesome, so might just wire it to a button.

And just to prove it lives!


Headlight & Indicators

Safety should always come first πŸ˜‰ well after everything else that is…

While waiting for bits and pieces, the Centerlines got a bit of polish!

At the end of June, this was kindly lent by the fabulous Farmer Rob to help get the build on the road in time for NEWS2013.


July 2013

Help arrived in the form of stupendous Shaggy and normal service resumed. Together we worked on getting the engine ready to go in and Dad tinkered with the seat belt clips and other bits and bobs.

Unfortunately the exhaust needed a bit of persuading to fit, so the next morning the engine went in – as did a seat. The air filter also needed a bit of modification to get it to fit under the GP body.

Furthermore, the exhaust faced an adjustment.


From here, the build moved quite quickly in the run up to MOT-day with many parts of the build left as temporary before getting around to doing it the way probably was meant to be, for example the dashboard, speedo (realising only the night before it was necessary to have one, even if it did not work) and mirrors…

There was a quick test drive down the Rob’s the night before the MOT and then the following day, IT PASSED!! There was (and still is) work still to be done, but “LACEY” was going to NEWS2013!



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