Beach Buggy Brummies are currently producing SWB hardtops to order, in addition to a new SWB Manxter style top

  • They can be fitted with or without a roll bar.
  • Front lip fits Manx style windscreens. (Customers have modified them to fit GP style windscreens)
  • Also able to supply a separate front leading edge to fit curved windscreens such as those on the Bounty Hunter.
  • Now comprises strengthening strips for added durability/rigidity
  • The rear window areas are solid, so you can cut out whatever shape you require
  • Offered ready to paint.

£250 (£60 deposit required at time of order)

For further details, email: hazel@beachbuggybrummies.co.uk

All hardtops are bought and made to fit by the customer, for more information please see the SWB Fitting page.

For more pictures see SWB Hardtop Gallery