N.E.W.S. 2014


A massive thanks goes out to all the buggers that made NEWS 2014 the success it was, obviously I couldn’t have done it without you! Thanks to Miller for the support in the behind the scenes and thank you Chad for bring up the rear of the cruise collecting the lost sheep and keeping us all together along with Peter on the CBs, giving me an encouraging thumbs up every now and again.

Leading the 70 mile cruise wasn’t as bad as I imagined and I was glad have been able to share the areas I had found, Bourton on the Water, Fish Hill, Broadway… Sally went as far to say it was the best cruise she had ever been on, and that’ll stick in my mind when organising the next one.

Thanks goes to Alistair and all at ‘The Gate Hangs High’, the food and facilities were great, think I might have put on weight indulging in breakfast, curry as well as starters and puddings and Sky was a right beauty.

Thanks to those who bought stickers and Fran for his small donation, one of the tourists at the Tower even bought one and together we raised £46 for the Alzheimer’s Society – not bad. (I do have some left if anyone is interested) and I’ll add on the £4 people gave me to go up the Tower (Chad managed to blag our way up).

Oh and cheers for everyone’s co-operation when we got to Broadway Tower, told you I had a good photo opportunity in store for you!

For photos see – NEWS 2014 Gallery