N.E.W.S. 2015

Thanks to everyone that came to NEWS2015! It’s you make NEWS what it is. I’m sorry that so many seemed to have engine problems on the run up to the weekend – I’m gutted some of you couldn’t make it. Also, many thanks to everyone that bought a sticker or a badge or just made a donation in general, we raised about £80 this year for the Alzheimer’s Society. Unfortunately I still have some stickers left, so if your after any, let me know! 

Some of the buggy troubles weren’t completely ironed out before the weekend either, with Farmer Rob having to bail out of the cruise fairly early on, Flags’ starter motor being a bit temperamental, Mrs Snoopy’s clutch cable snapping and last but not least, coming to a stop and realising I only have 5 buggies behind me and hearing down the line “someone’s exhaust has fallen off”. Nevertheless, we got through it all!

I really hope you enjoyed the photo stops this year, both the Old Prison at Northleach and Winchombe station. On the way home on Sunday, I began the search for a potential stop in preparation for NEWS2016 and broke down in a field full of sheep poo so I guess we’ll have to wait and see where we end up on next years run… It will probably feature another obligatory run up Fish Hill as well.

Oh, and apologies for the the cruise being so long this year – just under 100miles I think it was!

CKC magazine

For photos see – NEWS 2015 Gallery

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