Farewell for now!

Unfortunately for now, it looks as though the Beach Buggy Brummies ‘Pic of the Day’ has pretty much run dry and come to an end for me. There are a few scheduled for the odd day but that’s pretty much it for a little while. I will post the odd article or interesting photo as and when but not daily.

Apologies to all those who follow and all those that just pop in from time to time for a quick visit. Thanks for joining me along the way and thank you to manxmaniac for helping me out with some of the posts. If anyone would like to take over the Pic of the Day page – drop me an email beachbuggies@live.com and let me know.

There are nearly 500 followers to the page which would be a great platform to get your pics out there and share… It was a fun 2 years but sadly I can’t make the commitment to find and post them, so for now this is a farewell from me.

Peace, love and vee-dubs!